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Enhance ServiceNow With Knowledge On Demand

Here are 3 benefits of the EdCast Knowledge Cloud in the ServiceNow Portal

Enhance ServiceNow With Knowledge On Demand

Today’s enterprise is faced with unique challenges. Not only must employees, customers and partners receive traditional training, but they need to access valuable training content right at the point of need for maximum effectiveness. This is no easy feat for company leaders to implement effectively.
When training does not happen at the point of need, individuals are unable to gain the insights they need when they really need them and cannot immediately implement what they know. As a result, “the impact of the learning is lost almost entirely,” states Saffron Interactive.1
The average company spends about $1,250 per employee per year on training and cannot afford for a single dollar to be wasted.2 One way organizations can ensure training takes place in a timely manner (i.e., in the flow of work) and optimize funds spent on training is by implementing a fully integrated learning solution. Enter EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud integration with ServiceNow, which modernizes  a traditional, tedious, manual way of working and learning.

Tools That Promote Learning in the Flow of Work  

“Learning in the flow of work,” a term established by Josh Bersin, refers to informal learning that takes place naturally, during an employee’s workday right at the point of need. Workflow learning is organic and engaging, and isn’t time-consuming like traditional learning. It enables people to put new skills to instant use, increasing knowledge retention and helping companies generate a great ROI on their training investments.
To promote learning in the flow of work, or learning at the point of need, ServiceNow customers can now implement their solutions  that include the EdCast Knowledge Cloud app.
“With EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud solution now being certified and made available in the ServiceNow Store, we can add tremendous value to a client’s customer base by making advanced learning and knowledge-sharing features readily available,” said Karl Mehta, Founder and CEO of EdCast. “We bring learning in the flow of work to our customers, and our strategic effort with ServiceNow advances that initiative.”

Three Solutions the EdCast Knowledge Cloud in the ServiceNow Portal Delivers

On its own, the EdCast Knowledge Cloud provides AI-driven upskilling, personalizes learning and increases productivity. When used to enhance ServiceNow, it also does the following:  

  1. Enables ServiceNow users across all departments to gain one-click access to knowledge on demand. Employees can now address their unique knowledge needs instantly.
  2. Promotes sales enablement for enterprises by giving sales teams the training, tools and insights they need to engage buyers at their fingertips through the ServiceNow cloud.  
  3. Helps enterprises upskill employees with customized training experiences, which improve employee satisfaction and engagement.3


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Why Companies are Enhancing ServiceNow Solutions with EdCast’s Knowledge OnDemand

“ServiceNow is dedicated to helping our customers deliver next gen consumer-like service experiences to employees,” states Deepak R. Bharadwaj, Vice President and General Manager, HR Business Unit, ServiceNow.
“EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud provides employees with access to personalized and tailored learning experiences across multiple disparate content sources,” Bharadwaj explained. “With the certified integration between the two solutions, customers can easily configure access to contextual learning and knowledge from EdCast directly within ServiceNow’s Employee Service Center, making it easy for employees during life events, such as onboarding, transfers, and parental leave, and providing a one-stop shop for employee experiences throughout the employee journey.”
We are excited about bringing this combined solution to enterprises and to ServiceNow customers. By enhancing ServiceNow with EdCast’s knowledge on demand, companies are better able to meet the many needs of their global workforce, including streamlining training and making learning in the flow of work a reality for each employee.
Access the EdCast Knowledge Cloud app in the ServiceNow store here. Or send us a message at with any questions.

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