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8 Benefits of Moving to the Knowledge Cloud


8 Benefits of Moving to the Knowledge Cloud

“The most profound impact of the 21st Century enterprise will be the way we move work to where the workers are,” stated Redefining the Future of Knowledge Work.1 A Knowledge Cloud gives employees constant online access to work, in a sense “moving” the work to them and, by doing so, promoting learning in the flow of work.   

How Moving to a Knowledge Cloud Will Benefit Your Company

According to Josh Bersin, founder of Bersin by Deloitte and leading HR analyst, “… the way we interact with information has made the original LMS [Learning Management System] paradigm, that of a portal-based online university, increasingly obsolete.2” A Knowledge Cloud is different from other online learning platforms in that it encourages a higher adoption of learning through incredible user experiences, personalized learning, enhanced analytics, and other areas addressing today’s demand.
Powered by AI and highly intuitive, the EdCast Knowledge Cloud provides the following benefits to some of the largest and innovative companies around the world:

  1. AI-powered knowledge — Personalized content from internal, external, and subject matter experts is AI-powered knowledge that companies thrive on. This type of knowledge is beneficial to corporations because it facilitates training that is specific, relevant, and more effective.
  2. Increased productivity – During an 8-hour workday, the average employee is only productive for three hours, stated This is why company leaders are constantly looking for ways to improve employee productivity. The EdCast Knowledge Cloud is a viable solution to the productivity problem as it increases performance by up to 50 percent.
  3. Learner engagement — Being mobile-first and in-app allow for collaborative capabilities available across dynamic groups of users. This increases employee engagement with learning and peers naturally.  The EdCast Knowledge Cloud delivers valuable content in the flow of work by integrating with popular productivity software like Microsoft Office365, Slack, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Facebook Workplace and more.
  4. Customized content – “Personalization will revolutionize L&D by providing customized learning experiences for every employee,” stated a contributor to Gartner.4 Our Knowledge Cloud allows administrators to deliver contextually relevant content that is tailored to their companies and to the unique needs of their employees. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the problem of content discovery can be solved advanced personalized learning and self-guided access to relevant content.
  5. Advanced analytics — Advanced, accurate analytics are critical to a company’s success. The EdCast Knowledge Cloud gives company leaders access to detailed reports that measure performance, manage certifications, knowledge graphs, and empower discretionary learning and training to better facilitate growth and innovation.
  6. Easy access to paid content — When clients purchase cloud content, they should have easy, immediate access to it. Our Knowledge Cloud’s Learning Digital Wallet provides frictionless access to paid content across a variety of publishers and products. This can result in cost savings.
  7. Data security More than 4,000 ransomware attacks occur every day, per the FBI.5 For any company that uses cloud-based software, cybersecurity is critical. Our Knowledge Cloud features enterprise-grade security and privacy controls that ensure sensitive and personal data is kept safe.
  8. Vast learning and knowledge materials – Bring all of your leaning content into one portal and delivered to employees in a personalized learning feed. Internal, external, paid, and user generated data can now be accounted for and made instantly available with EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud.

Is Your Workforce Powered by the Knowledge Cloud?

Organizational leaders across all sectors are seeing tremendous benefits from moving to the Knowledge Cloud. Learn more about how a knowledge cloud can help your organization.

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